Jazzing up visual projects through the use of mathematical tiles in order to create a sense of depth and a heightened sense of differentiation. Truchet tiles will be the first stop of many geometric rules and possibilities.

Truchet Tiles are defined as 'Truchet tiles are square tiles decorated with patterns that are not rotationally symmetric. When placed in a square tiling of the plane, they can form varied patterns, and the orientation of each tile can be used to visualize information associated with the tile's position within the tiling. (Browne, Cameron 2008).'

We will be exploring Truchet tiles through the aid of Grasshopper a visual programming plugin for Rhinoceros 3D, once the script is prepared we will be baking out the both animated and static geometry to experiment in Cinema4D and AfterEffects. Follow the screen grabs to follow the process!

The specific variation of Truchet Tiles we will be exploring are of the semi-circle phenotype,

The Truchet tile
Inverse of the Truchet tile, created by any 90° rotation or orthogonal flip
Byproduct of the two previous states each tile can live in creates a complex grid of subtle complexity

For more complex use of the tiling, algorithm see Christoper Carlson's adoption of the pattern, which follows the further complexity that can be achieved through subdividing the base grid in an irregular fashion. https://christophercarlson.com/portfolio/multi-scale-truchet-patterns/